This first unit will focus on exploring what entrepreneurship is; what are your motivations? What is it to be an entrepreneur? What skills and knowledge does it take? What is the difference between soft skills and hard skills?

What is it to be creative in entrepreneurship? Business Idea generation, innovative products and services, problem solving…  Learn how to be a creative entrepreneur!

How do you adapt to a new environment, both personally and professionally? Learn more about self-efficacy, resilience and business mapping.

Webinar on the Migrapreneurs project - about entrepreneurship as a migrant and the use of positive psychology e.g. self-efficacy

Animated Videoscribe on the Migrapreneurs project

Migrapreneurs NLP TriplePosition

What is networking? How do you market yourself and your business? Discover different types of networking and learn how to maximise opportunities in your host country!

This last module will explore ‘intrapreneurial’ skills to support those looking to enter paid employment in order to maximise their opportunities.