The "Migrapreneurs" project is aimed at highly skilled migrants wishing to embark on entrepreneurship or become more “intrapreneurial” in order to fulfil their potential in the work place.

It is a European project funded by Erasmus Plus, led by the University of Sheffield (UK) in collaboration with Inova Consultancy Ltd (UK), Elan Intercultural (FR), the Employment Agency of Madrid (APEM) and the Turkish agency Makro.

The aim of this project is to promote the entrepreneurship of migrants, at a time when Europe is suffering from an entrepreneurial deficit. Human Capital is a key factor for innovation and economic success. The immigration of foreign workers is in this sense a potential source of innovation for the host countries (SERC, 2011).

In Europe, highly skilled migrant workers often find themselves in a situation of professional mismatch – their level of training is often higher than that required by the work they find themselves in. This over-qualification of workers makes it difficult to integrate individuals who seek to settle permanently in the countries where they are located.

Moreover, it prevents society from fully benefitting from the rich knowledge and experience of a key group of people in the community. Migrant workers can be a unique source of talent, excellence, knowledge and skills.

The Migrapreneurs programme paves the way for migrants to recognise and communicate the unique skills and talents that they have and will encourage the creation of opportunities for participants to fulfil their potential in the professional world. Whether that is through becoming more employable or by setting up their own businesses.

This Moodle provides access to a range of training materials and wider resources which have been used during face-to-face training, including video case studies by our participants, practical information about creating a start-up and forums.

The Moodle has been developed by the project partners: The University of Sheffield Management School (UK), Inova Consultancy Ltd (UK), Elan Interculturel (FR), Makro (TR) and  APEM (ES) and resources are available in all the partner languages.

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