The Migrapreneurs project (Erasmus+ 2016-2019) aims to maximise the potential of highly skilled migrants in order to facilitate their integration into the labour market. After a first phase of research, Migrapreneurs developed a new, fully interactive training programme based on consultancy and peer support, to help un/under-employed migrants develop entrepreneurial skills: more than 100 migrant entrepreneurs have participated so far in an intercultural experience to promote the creation of start-ups in the UK, France, Spain and Turkey.

The aim is to support and develop the skills and confidence of individuals so that migrants and our wider communities can benefit from the economic benefits and spin-offs associated with migration.

We have three main objectives:

-        To stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship

-        To facilitate knowledge transfer between countries

-        To foster the cultural integration of migrants

The project proposed at European level by the Migrapreneurs team aims to make visible the entrepreneurial skills of migrants and support individuals to fulfil their potential through training, guidance and support which can help them to:

-        Develop their soft skills and confidence in their skills and abilities

-        Develop a more entrepreneurial or ‘intrapreneurial’ mindset

-        Develop new business ideas and work towards writing a business plan.

If you’re a trainer working with migrants and are interested in supporting your clients to develop their entrepreneurial skills, then we welcome you to our community!

By joining this Moodle, you will have access to the methodology and materials used by our European team in our training programme, testimonials from participants and trainers, examples of activities we have implemented and a range of further resources. In addition, this Moodle offers a forum where you can ask questions, search for information or test ideas with other European trainers!