What's Migrapreneurs?

The Migrapreneurs project aims to set up an innovative system of intercultural support for the development of business projects for migrant entrepreneurs. Following action research carried out in France, UK, Spain and Turkey, the project has developed an innovative business programme to support migrants in entrepreneurship.

Through focus groups, individual interviews and market studies in the partner countries, Migrapreneurs has identified the opportunities, such as integration, innovation and economic inclusion, and the challenges, such as lack of information, difficulties in accessing funding and cultural contrasts, faced by migrants in setting up their own business.

The results of this research are being used to adapt the training modules to the specific needs of migrants. These modules have all been tested through pilot programmes in all our partner countries. All the information, content and resources of the pilots are available online on this Moodle. Please, sign up to access.

The Migrapreneurs training programme offers a fully interactive programme based on consultancy and peer support, guided by experienced facilitators and business experts. Complemented by online learning resources, the programme is split into two parts:

- In the first part, you will focus on soft skills and find out if entrepreneurship is right for you.

- In the second part you will receive more practical training to help you produce a business plan, expand your network, understand how to fund your business and more.