The project is led by The University of Sheffield Management School, a leading business school with a world-class reputation for high quality teaching, ground-breaking research and cutting-edge thinking.

In 2014, the school led a Knowledge Alliance project called the European Business Growth Catalyst which developed an innovative training methodology to support growth in Small/Medium Sized Businesses (SMEs). The project was selected as a « success story » by a panel of experts at the Directorate General for Education and Culture at the European Commission and has inspired the Migrapreneurs project, where the methodology will be adapted for migrants starting up businesses.


Carolyn Usher

Project Manager

University of Sheffield, Management School

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Inova Consultancy Ltd (UK) provides a flexible consultancy service that responds to the needs of organisations and individuals internationally in the area of diversity, equal opportunities and entrepreneurship. Inova has specialist experience in the development and delivery of coaching and mentoring programmes in the UK and on an international level for women in a range of fields, including entrepreneurship, management and STEM. Led by a director originally from Mexico, they are experts in the needs of migrants starting businesses in a new country.

Inova’s employees and associates combine experience and qualifications in organisational development, psychology, mentoring and coaching in addition to bringing in best practice from across Europe to assist organisations and individuals in the field of personal and business development.

Inova Consultancy Ltd
Suite 5, 2nd Floor
Leecroft House
58-64 Campo Lane
S1 2EG
United Kingdom

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 Contact person: NICOLE WILLIAMS info@inovaconsult.com


Elan Interculturel is a non-profit organisation (Association 1901) that works both on European and National levels to promote cross-cultural Dialogue. Elan Interculturel raises awareness, develops intercultural research and provides training for people living and/or working in diversity contexts. Our approach is based on social-psychology; we’ve developed concrete resources to solve concrete cross-cultural challenges (negotiation, collaboration, communication, etc.). We offer support for the resolution of « Critical Incidents » and Cultural Shocks through an innovative methodological approach designed during European Projects.

Our actions are intended to :
-Promote cross-cultural dialogue
-Optimize Intercultural cooperation
-Foster integration of diversity related target groups
Inspired by the conviction that diversity can feed social, intercultural and interpersonal creativity, Elan Interculturel has lead over 15 projects in more than 20 countries related to integration, migration, social adaptation, employability and social inclusion.
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MAKRO is a management development and consulting company providing tailor-made consulting services to SMEs and large enterprises active in various sectors. The company was founded in 1984 and today has a large network of clients and strategic partners in a multinational scope. They provide a range of services to SMEs including strategic management, internationalization and business planning.

MAKRO has developed and implemented a unique entrepreneurship and business idea development methodology for individuals who wish to start their effective and sustainable businesses. By relying on its expertise in these fields, the company has participated in a number of EU funded vocational education projects (in Life Long Learning-LLP and Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance-IPA in Turkey) in the recent years which mainly target organisational capacity building and skill development of key staff in SMEs, mainly in the areas of export, successful intergenerational transfer of business and basic skill development via mobile learning methods.

MAKRO Management Development Consulting Company
Paris Caddesi 6/7 Kavaklıdere, Ankara
Tel: +90 (312) 425 59 15



The Agencia para el Empleo aims to improve the possibilities of access to paid employment and self-employment, through labor intermediation, orientation, self-employment counselling and training of the unemployed and workers. The range of services offered, provide a holistic service to those who use our services and include:

A labor intermediation program bringing job offers from a range of companies together with those who need them.

An orientation service which offers, through seminars and individual tutorials, the necessary advice for finding work.

Self-employment counselling to the unemployed and workers, to help them find out about available finance channels as well as the basic processing and taxation requirements to carry out their business ideas.

APEM’s training programs are aimed at improving people’s professional training and adapting them to the new needs of the labor market.


Ronda de Toledo 10, 28005 Madrid
Tel: 913643460
Personas de contacto: Ariadna Tineo (tineoma@madrid.es) y Monserrat Fernandez (fernandezdmo@madrid.es)”