Our main objective in Migrapreneurs is to support Highly Skilled Migrants to develop an entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial mind-set and help ensure that they are using their skills to their full potential.

We have achieved this through the development of a new training programme, which offers skills development over two levels:

Stage 1: Finding Out if Entrepreneurship is the Right Thing for Me

Stage 2: Planning my Business

Stage 1 helps participants to explore entrepreneurship and the soft skills required to run a successful business through 4 units of learning. Following this, participants can choose to move on to Stage 2, which takes them on a more practical exploration of setting up a business with a focus on finance, resourcing, leadership and building a business plan.

The training has been successfully piloted in all our partner countries and results will be released soon.

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You can also access some of our training materials and further resources, through the Migrapreneurs Learning Hub. Register free here!